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Bo Dallas WWE faction members seemingly confirmed

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At tonight’s WWE SmackDown ahead of Clash at the Castle in Glasgow, Scotland there were more Bo Dallas faction clues, confirming some rumors.

While fan speculation has been rolling for weeks regarding the debut date for the Bo Dallas/Uncle Howdy led faction thought to be appearing in WWE soon, a clue on Monday led to a specific countdown clock.
Seemingly counting down until Monday June 17, tonight another direct clue pointing to this coming Monday.

The QR code led to a website (wwe.com/exordium) which is still counting down until Monday with the message:
“You refused salvation
“The reckoning is inevitable”

Also of note, on the latest journal entry on the linked recapitulation website that has been accumulating hints, another hidden clue.
On the bottom of the journal entry page labelled “consequences” there is a little recycling bin shortcut.
When you click that, it gives you a password prompt – after typing in password ‘thank you’ the screen below is revealed and the links contain images.

Intriguingly though, the letters also seem to perfectly align to the rumored members of the yet to debut faction if you consider U (Uncle Howdy), E (Erick Rowan), D (Dexter Lumis), N (Nikki Cross), and J (Joe Gacy).
The last image is again pointing fans to 6.17.2024 and is labelled ‘5’, potentially noting the 5 members of the group.
Each ‘deleted item’ is clickable and leads to images featuring more drawings seemingly from the therapist’s office.
You can check them out yourself by starting here and going to the recycling bin on the bottom left hand corner.

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