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Bo Dallas WWE faction mystery update

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Following the latest teaser message, an update has been provided on the ongoing Bo Dallas aka Uncle Howdy faction mystery.

Since WrestleMania 40, WWE has been having various teasers and QR codes hinting at the eventual reveal of a faction led by Bo Dallas, also known as Uncle Howdy.
The QR codes have just started to be referenced by the commentary team with them teasing what these teasers will actually lead to.

On May 22, WWE posted a new mysterious message on Whatsapp. The message reads “Remember Who You Are” in black lettering.
Eagle-eyed viewers will see small white lettering that reads “8pm” on the first image. Then on the following “Remember Who You Are” images, it spells out “EST Thursday on Twitch.”

This seems to be teasing that there will be another Twitch teaser in the same fashion as last week’s “The Fiend therapist” video that aired on the platform.
JJA Sport Studio will provide any further updates on the Bo Dallas faction mystery when they become available.

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