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Ricochet potentially returning to WWE update

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Ricochet was recently written off WWE television having signalled to the company that he would not be renewing his contract.

News that Ricochet was planning to leave WWE emerged on June 8, with his contract expiring this summer.
The June 10 episode of WWE Raw saw Ricochet written off television after an attack by Bron Breakker.
The attack was followed by Ricochet being put on a stretcher and taken away in an ambulance with his real-life fiancée Samantha Irvin crying by his side.

In doing that, WWE left the door ajar for Ricochet to return for revenge on Breakker, with PWInsider having reported there was “talk” of him making one more appearance to capitalize on the buzz surrounding the news, although the angle would still work as a way to completely write him off TV as well.
A few days later, WWE posted an update saying Ricochet had suffered injuries and would be out of action for “an undisclosed amount of time”, again meaning it could go either way as to whether he appears again or not.

Dave Meltzer has provided an update on Ricochet’s future in WWE in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, writing:
There is enough time that they could bring him back for a different ending. And the reality is, people can also change their mind. WWE was not wanting to lose him, obviously, and the angle was done to give him a great reason to return if he had second thoughts.
WWE had ideas for him both if he was staying as well as ways to write him out, but those in WWE confirmed to us that the belief there was he was leaving.

An unnamed source would also shed some light on the possibility of this being the last time we’ll see Ricochet in WWE, with Meltzer reporting:
One WWE star noted to us that it seemed way too elaborate of an angle to do for someone leaving, especially with the involvement of Irvin in the angle, although they also were under the impression he was leaving.

Per previous reports, it was noted that Ricochet is “expected by most to join AEW” after his contract expires.
Tony Khan refused to be drawn into the rumor that Ricochet could be joining AEW in a recent interview.
TNA Wrestling’s Leon Slater recently weighed in on the possibility of Ricochet heading there after he becomes a free agent.

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