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MJF returns at AEW Double Or Nothing 2024

Double Or Nothing
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AEW Double or Nothing on pay-per-view had a big surprise immediately after the first match with the returns of Adam Cole and MJF.

First, Adam Cole came to the ring and started a ‘Storytime with Adam Cole baybay’ but it wouldn’t be long before he was interrupted.
He was barely able to finish his catchphrase as the lights went out and there was a video played on the screen.
Seemingly from the perspective of MJF, the former AEW World Champion’s orchestral theme played as a room of classic MJF memorabilia was examined.
Back in the ring, Adam Cole watched on stunned as MJF made his return and this time, there was no Burberry scarf.

Instead, MJF wore a jacket that looked like a black leather jacket with a denim vest over the top, with his lion logo and still a grey Burberry pattern on the back – something a lot of fans compared to a similar jacket worn by Triple H.
When he joined Adam Cole in the ring, first he seemingly accepted Cole’s apology by giving him a hug, but it was a ruse as MJF actually hit Cole with a low blow.
Nailing Adam Cole with a bit of revenge, Cole would roll to the side of the ring and MJF would take the mic as the crowd chanted ‘He’s our scumbag!’

MJF would tell Adam Cole’s ‘boney carcass’ that MJF gave Cole his trust but that would never happen again.
Adam Cole didn’t take out MJF, rather he ‘woke him up’. He would go on to cut a promo directly into the camera in his typical style as it seemed he was very much back in action in AEW.

Landing a sure-to-be-viral line, MJF said:
“Unlike Adam Cole and all those schmucks in the back, I don’t need a New Japan or a Vince McMahon to make MJF – because MJF made MJF.”

By the end of the segment he had thrown the former ‘Devil’ mask into the crowd, noting that when he’s powered by hate, he’s dangerous to everyone.
Also directly in regards to his contract status, he revealed a new AEW tattoo before saying that fans could call him ‘the Wolf of Wrestling’ because he ‘ain’t f**king leaving!’

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