Fans think they spotted a CM Punk tease during WWE Raw

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Some fans on social media believe they may have spotted a tease for a potential CM Punk return on last night’s October 2 edition of WWE Raw.

During the Seth Rollins promo on last night’s show, there was one particular line that drew people’s attention.
Michael Cole, who was in the ring with Rollins for the segment, said:
“… How about ‘manipulator’, ‘puppeteer’ at times. But it seems like this time around, you’re actually the puppet.”

Some of the verbiage in that line was the same as a famous promo from CM Punk back in his ROH days, during which Punk said:
“This is my stage, this is my theater. You are my puppets, and I pull those marionette strings, and I use your emotions, and I toy with them. Because honestly, I get off on it.”

So you can see the similarity, and there’s also the fact that Seth Rollins proclaimed on Raw a week ago that he was the “best in the world”.
Obviously, only time will tell if this is all anything more than a coincidence.

In mid-September, Punk said that he had “some time on his hands for a couple of months” – there’s no confirmation on exactly what he meant, but if it was in reference to a non-compete clause or something of that nature, the timing would line up that he’d be available for Survivor Series in his hometown of Chicago.
As of this point, there’s been no word on whether Punk joining WWE is a possibility past all this speculation and ultimately guesswork.
If anything does emerge, we’ll keep you posted as always.


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