Liv Morgan wins WWE's Women's World Championship at WWE King & Queen Of The Ring

King & Queen Of The Ring
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There has been a title change at WWE King & Queen of the Ring as the first of three Championship matches started the show.

In the opening match of the WWE King & Queen of the Ring premium live event from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia there was ‘big fight feel’ said Michael Cole.
In the first of three championship matches, Becky Lynch put the WWE Women’s World Championship on the line against Liv Morgan.
During the pre-show there was an interesting backstage segment that featured Dominik Mysterio walking up to Liv Morgan, much to her surprise.
When she asked what he was doing there, Dominik said he flew all the way to Saudi Arabia just to make sure she didn’t get her hands on ‘Mami’s championship’.

The interaction would come back around after a fairly even back and forth match led to Dominik getting involved at the end.
Becky Lynch had Liv Morgan in the Disarm Her, but she broke the hold when Dominik appeared at ringside.
When Mysterio slid a chair into the ring and distracted the referee, there is plausible deniability that he was looking to help Becky Lynch but it did not end up that way.

Instead, Morgan hit Lynch with a DDT on the chair and was then able to hit an Oblivion before picking up the pinfall victory.
She celebrated on the ramp as she proclaimed, “I told you, revenge is mine!”
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