Possible botched finish as Gunther wins WWE King Of The Ring

King & Queen Of The Ring
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In the 2024 WWE King of the Ring final there was a brutal match between Randy Orton and GUNTHER to determine who would be crowned.

With the crowd in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia quite behind Randy Orton during the King of the Ring final, there was no lack of hard hitting action from GUNTHER too.
There were absolutely the big chops and strikes that fans expected from the match with numerous RKOs as well.
Near the final third of the match, there was a ringside assault which saw Orton dropping GUNTHER on the announcer’s desk three separate times, it didn’t keep him down.
With GUNTHER then targeting Orton’s seemingly injured left knee, the crowd fell hushed however they came alive as Orton was able to hit a surprise RKO.

As he went for the pinfall he held his pained knee up, seemingly unable to extend it down to plant for the pin and GUNTHER kicked out.
GUNTHER then immediately then rolled Orton over and was able to capture the pinfall victory.
Due to the nature of the pin, it seemed as though Orton’s shoulders may have not been entirely on the mat leading to some speculation from Corey Graves on commentary about the finish.

GUNTHER became the 2024 WWE King of the Ring.
Despite having been behind Orton in the match, the crowd chanted ‘You deserve it!’ to GUNTHER in a post-match interview.
He told them that what he deserves is none of their business and went on to say that SummerSlam he was going to become the World Heavyweight Champion.

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