Tony khan granted Martha Hart's approval for AEW Dynamite Sting spot

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Tony Khan reportedly conferred with Owen Hart’s widow Martha Hart regarding Sting’s rafter spot on AEW Dynamite.

This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite served as the final episode of the show featuring Sting as a full-time performer, with him set for his retirement match this Sunday at AEW Revolution in Greensboro.
On the show, Sting descended from the rafters in a fashion similar to how he used to during his time in WWE, which was only his second ceiling drop since 2000, having previously performed one at TNA Slammiversary in 2007.

The entrance had only sparingly been used since May 1999, when Owen Hart tragically passed away at WWE Over the Edge.
With AEW working with Owen’s widow Martha for the Owen Hart Foundation Cup every year, some were surprised to see the rafters spot on AEW television, but Tony Khan made sure to cover that ground.

Per Fightful Select, Khan called Martha Hart in preparation for the spot, in order to confer with her over it’s use.
Martha ended up giving Khan and AEW her blessing for the spot, which is how it ended up making it to television.
Sting is set to team with Darby Allin to face Matthew and Nicholas Jackson of the Young Bucks in his final match on Sunday.

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