AEW's Bryan Danielson unsure if he'll compete big career goal

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AEW star Bryan Danielson has shared his honest thoughts on the possibility of him competing in a NJPW G1 Climax tournament before he retires.

Danielson has expressed his desire to wrestle in NJPW’s grueling annual round robin tournament on numerous occasions since leaving WWE in 2021.
With the popular star recently indicating that he only has one more year left as a full-time performer, many fans have questioned whether Danielson will ever get to compete this international wrestling career goal.
Speaking on the Getting Over podcast, Danielson stated that he still has ‘delusions’ about competing in a G1 Climax tournament, but thinks it would be an irresponsible thing to do at this point in his career.

When asked about a potential G1 run, Danielson said:
“I don’t know. Sometimes, I have delusions of doing the G1. I think that’s what they are. I think they’re delusions in the sense of, that’s something I’ve wanted to do forever and ever and ever.
“I’ve never been able to do it. ‘This year would be the year to do it,’ except, is it? By the time the next G1 rolls around, I’ll be 43, and with how many injuries…that’s a big part of why I want to step away from full-time wrestling too.
“To do this, I love doing this, but it’s not worth the expense of my health later on in life. I’ve already had enough injuries as it is. Right now, I feel like the injuries that I’ve had are manageable in the sense of long-term.

“I’m constantly doing stuff for my neck so that my neck isn’t bad when I’m 70. The concussion stuff, I do my best, but all of us, we’re just hoping for the best. We don’t know.
“There is no concrete science on it. I think now, doing a G1, might be a little irresponsible of me, in comparison to what my overall long-term goals are, which is being there for my kids and there for my family.”

Danielson will face off against a NJPW titleholder at AEW WrestleDream, with the Blackpool Combat Club member set to battle NJPW World TV Champion Zack Sabre Jr.
Check out the announced card for AEW WrestleDream right here.

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