Bryan Danielson potentially hints at another dream match

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Bryan Danielson has hinted at a potential cross-promotional dream match following an announcement made for an upcoming match.

It was recently announced that CMLL star Mistico (FKA the original Sin Carain WWE) is set for a return to the States, making his AEW debut against Rocky Romero on October 20’s AEW Rampage.
The bout, which is for ‘Mexico’s Pound for Pound Crown’, is notable as AEW partner promotion AAA have a notably bitter rivalry with CMLL, who have a working relationship with NJPW, likely causing a bit of a headache for Tony Khan who now looks set to work with all of the above.

With Mistico stepping through the Forbidden Door, this could potentially pave the way for more dream match possibilities between AEW and CMLL in the future, or at least that seems to be the hope for the ‘American Dragon’ Bryan Danielson anyway.
Responding to the announcement of Mistico vs Rocky Romero, Danielson seemingly hinted at a match he has been known to be wanting for quite some time.

Danielson tweeted:

While there is no guarantee it’s indeed what Danielson is referencing with his tweet, many fans have speculated it could be in relation to a match with CMLL legend Blue Panther, someone who Danielson has been vocal about wanting to wrestle for a number of years.
In 2017, Danielson joked about wanting a hair vs hair match with the 63-year-old, and even receiving a signed mask and an invitation to wrestle from the luchador that same year.
Despite having a staggering 45 years of in-ring experience, Blue Panther still actively competes in CMLL to this day, last wrestling in a trios match on October 7 at the CMLL Sabados De Coliseo event.
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