Long absent AEW star teases match with former partner

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A long absent AEW star has teased a match with their former rival and tag partner once they make their return to the ring.

Having now been absent from AEW TV since June 8, 2022, Kyle O’Reilly’s future inside the ring has been naturally a cause for concern for many fans.
The former WWE star underwent neck fusion surgery in September 2022, however, would run into post-surgical complications afterwards further delaying a potential return to the ring.
In fact, as revealed by O’Reilly in a social media post, this included the complete loss of feeling in his right arm.

Thankfully O’Reilly has indicated that he is doing much better, with a return to the ring still the plan, albeit not one with any clear timeline at present.
While O’Reilly remains absent he recently received a heartwarming shoutout n Twitter from one his close friends, opponents and teammates across AEW, WWE and ROH – Adam Cole.
Cole himself is currently on the shelf with a serious ankle injury but found the time to reflect on his many matches with O’Reilly over the years.

Cole said:

This loving message would later see O’Reilly return the favor with a tweet of his own, calling Cole his “greatest opponent” while also teasing another match at some point in the future.
O’Reilly tweeted:

Despite their not being many official updates on O’Reilly’s potential return, a recent post on Instagram perhaps suggested he had returned to some form of combat training.
We at JJA Sport Studio would like to continue to extend our well-wishes to O’Reilly in his ongoing recovery.
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