Another company's booker continues to have issues with AEW's Tony Khan

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AAA booker Konnan has made claims about AEW CEO Tony Khan as the issues between the two seemingly continue.

At AAA Lucha Libre: Noche de Champeones in December 2022, Dragon Lee and Dralistico won the AAA World Tag Team Championship from AEW’s FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler).
The aftermath of the match would see Dragon Lee reveal he was WWE-bound and would be starting in January 2023.
Konnan – who has quite a tempestuous relationship with Tony Khan stemming from the promotions’ previous attempts to work together – recently took to his Keepin’ It 100 podcast to give his perspective on Khan’s alleged reaction to the fact that AEW stars FTR had lost to someone who just revealed he was with WWE.

Konnan said:
“When FTR was working with us, I gave the Tag Team Titles to Dragon Lee and his brother Dralistico.
“The next day, Dragon Lee signed with WWE. He hadn’t signed yet, the next day he signed.

“Well, Tony went nuts, and I had to fly over there. He went off and was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, why are you doing this? I can’t believe you did this. You stabbed me in the back, and you should have told me before.’
“So I said, ‘Basically what you’re trying to tell me is you don’t want me to work with WWE again?’
“He goes, ‘No no no no no, I didn’t say that. I have two witnesses saying I didn’t say that’.”

Konnan also made the claim – and it’s important to emphasize it’s just a claim – that Khan sent out an “edict” that he didn’t want anybody to watch the 2023 Royal Rumble where Cody Rhodes made his return from injury.
In February 2023, Konnan described Tony Khan as a “mega hardcore mark“, referring to AEW as a niche for that sort of approach.
In March 2023, it was revealed that Konnan and Tony Khan had a meeting to attempt to repair their strained relationship.

December 2023 would also see Konnan weigh in on the departure of QT Marshall, revealing the AEW star to be “frustrated” in his role and that Khan “changes his mind last minute.”
QT Marshall’s AEW contract expired on January 1, 2024, and he would return to the company in a backstage capacity in February of that year.
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