More AEW stars not allowed to attend AEW Collision revealed

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More details of roster members being sent home from AEW Collision have emerged showing a trend at the CM Punk-led show.

With the recent report that Hangman Adam Page was brought into Greensboro to pre-tape a promo for this coming week’s Dynamite only to be told that he couldn’t do it from the venue Collision was being held, it was also reported that Ryan Nemeth arrived and was told he wasn’t needed and a flight had been booked for him to travel back home.
Dave Meltzer has now revealed that there have been more similar issues at AEW Collision, a show which only debuted on June 17, 2023.

According to Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, this hasn’t been the first time wrestlers have run into issues. He said:
“This is not the only time this has happened. This has actually been happening, it’s happened to several other people.
“Matt Hardy was booked on a Saturday, went there, and was then told not to go to the building after he got there. That was not last night, but Matt Hardy was one of them.
“Christopher Daniels, who had been working with Matt Sydal as a tag team in Ring of Honor, for whatever reason, same thing happened with him, that he’s not supposed to go on Saturday. And he’s frickin’ Head of Talent Relations.
“And there may be others, but those are the ones that I know of that that’s been happening to. There’s a lot of other things too, but that’s the stuff that’s pretty much out right now I guess.”

CM Punk did a shoot promo on Adam Page after Collision went off the air, referring to the Hangman as a “peg warmer” as opposed to a star “who moves merchandise, pops ratings and sells toys”.
Jim Ross has recently described the atmosphere at AEW Collision as “entirely different than the mindset and the atmosphere” of AEW Dynamite. He would note that “less people, less crew, less talents” have led to a “calmer” environment.
CM Punk led an AEW talent meeting in July 2023, as previously reported by Fightful, where “a large part of the meeting was said to have been about how Collision has differentiated itself from Dynamite since its debut.”
It was also reported that “the talent went over what was and was not good for Collision, such as finishes, shenanigans, and more.”

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