IMPACT Wrestling/TNA addresses CM Punk potentially joining the company

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The President of IMPACT Wrestling (soon to be TNA) has addressed the potential of CM Punk joining the company in a new interview.

In a new interview with IMPACT Wrestling/TNA President Scott D’Amore, more details about Punk’s recent visit to the company were revealed.

D’Amore told PWMania of Punk’s visit to their latest pay-per-view taping:
“It’s not a secret, CM Punk was backstage the day after Bound for Glory.
“That’s nothing new. He was backstage earlier this year when he was under contract at AEW and they were just getting ready for the debut of Collision, so we have a pretty open policy.
“If you want to come by and visit, as long as you’re respectful to our crew, you will be respected.”

D’Amore went on to elaborate that the door was ‘open’ to CM Punk as well as other ‘veteran and senior talent’ looking for a home in TNA.
D’Amore said:
“He was a pleasure to have when he came around, so is there a possibility he is here in the future? You never know.”
“Is there going to be a place for veteran talent and senior talent in TNA Wrestling?
“Of course, you know, the value can’t be understated of good senior veteran talent right now with name recognition and drawability as well. The door is open.”

The next move of Phil Brooks remains a hotly anticipated one with fans still holding out hope that he may make an appearance back in WWE.
Elsewhere, IMPACT Wrestling has officially announced that they will return to their former moniker of TNA Wrestling in January 2024.

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