Bryan Danielson explains details on last full-time year

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Bryan Danielson has explained the details on last full-time year.

On the September 9 edition of AEW Collision, Bryan Danielson revealed that he made a promise to his daughter to step away from the ring when she turns seven and she was six years old.
With his career winding down, “The American Dragon” said he intended on winding down his last full-time year calling the big shots.

Speaking on BJ & Migs, Danielson was asked about the promo and the real emotion behind having one final full-time year. He answered:
“It is a real thing. Also, I’m not a great actor. I have no interest in acting whatsoever. It’s one of those things where, if I don’t feel something to be true, I can’t go out there and do it.”
“Not that I can’t go out there and do it, I will go out there and do it, but I need to have some sort of connection to something before I go out there and do it. This is a very real thing.”

Bryan continued on to explain why he thinks it is the time to step away, saying:
“For me, this is my last full-time year of wrestling. What my life looks like outside of wrestling after the year, we don’t exactly know. I don’t know. I, would kind of like to disappear.”
“I don’t think my temperament is good for the public eye. I don’t like being recognized, that sort of thing.”
“People are great, wrestling fans are great, they are always so nice when they say hi, but what really made it happen was being in the WWE machine and you’re in the spotlight so much, and I always loved wrestling and I loved the idea that I could wrestle in front of 500 people at an independent show and they’d be like, ‘you’re the best,’ and I go to the airport and nobody knows who I am.”
“Even when I was the top independent wrestler in the country, I could go back to Aberdeen and not a single person cared. They didn’t care that I was a professional wrestler at all.”
“I like that because then they’re not coming in with any expectation or they just like you because. I like to blend into the background a little more.”

On the wear and tear he has experienced throughout his career, Danielson said:
“The travel, the toll the travel takes on my body and when you get home. You leave on Friday, do Collision on Saturday, come home on Sunday, you’re exhausted.”
“We live on the west coast and most wrestling shows are east coast or central time, which why it’s great being in Seattle.”
“The long flights, you get home, and you’re residually tired from that, and it takes you a day or two to recover from that, especially as I get old.”
“I want to show up for my kids in the best way possible. I was never attracted to wrestling because of the fame or money. When I look back, I don’t even think I thought I was going to be successful.”

Bryan Danielson will face Zack Sabre Jr. in a “Dream Match” this Sunday, October 1 at AEW WrestleDream.
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