WWE star says he'll smack Will Ospreay in the face if he shows up at Money In The Bank

Money In The Bank
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A top WWE star has threatened to smack NJPW’s Will Ospreay in the face if he shows up in London for WWE’s Money in the Bank event on July 1.

The Englishman has played with the idea of showing up at WWE’s major upcoming event, particularly with current World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins who Ospreay has exchanged words with on Twitter.
Despite the buzz that an Ospreay appearance would undoubtedly generate, current WWE star and former rival of Ospreay, Ricochet, has warned the 30-year-old against the idea.
Speaking on Mark Andrews’ Love Letter to Wrestling podcast, Ricochet addressed the potential of a Forbidden Door type match between Ospreay and Rollins, in which he said:

“I don’t know if that’s the thing, Will’s just gonna show up at The O2 (for Money in the Bank) but, and honestly, Seth (Rollins) has got a lot to worry about on this side.
“He doesn’t really need to be thinking about no outside interference so, as cute and cheeky as it is, Seth’s got a lot more to worry about on his plate right now than a forbidden door match, a whatever you wanna call it type of match.
“Obviously, to have the two worlds, there’s a lot going into it that would obviously make that a big match, obviously.
“I don’t wanna take away from that but… I’ll smack you in the face too Will. Shut up.”

Despite the desire for Ospreay to tick those WWE dream match boxes, the Englishman has previously suggested that a WWE move is not in his future.
What is in his future is a match at AEW’s Forbidden Door pay-per-view on June 25 against Kenny Omega, where Ospreay looks to recapture his IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship six months after losing it at WrestleKingdom 17.

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