Top star wants 'correct amount of money' for CM Punk Forbidden Door match

Forbidden Door
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After being outspoken regarding CM Punk and a potential ‘dream’ match with the returning AEW star for quite some time, NJPW’s KENTA has once again addressed the likelihood of the match happening.

However, despite long being keen on the match, it seems as if the monetary amount being offered is the deciding factor for KENTA.
Retweeting a video of Punk from his WWE tenure in which he admits taking the Go To Sleep finishing move from KENTA, the current NJPW STRONG Openweight Champion would write:

KENTA’s seemingly more indifferent attitude towards the match is a contrast to his past vocality on wanting a Punk match, something that has largely stemmed from Punk’s use of the GTS.
As recently as last Wednesday, the NJPW star reacted to Tony Khan’s announcement of CM Punk’s AEW return at June 17’s debut broadcast of AEW Collision from the United Center in Chicago.

Following the announcement KENTA tweeted:

As of right now Punk’s status for Forbidden Door II on June 25 is unclear, however there have been plenty of rumours regarding who the second city saint could potentially square off with upon his AEW return.

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