Chris Jericho publicly addresses issues between CM Punk & The Elite

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AEW star Chris Jericho has publicly addressed issues between CM Punk and The Elite, specifically the fight at All Out last year.

In a new interview with the Daily Mail, Jericho spoke about the incident, how it affected the locker room, and how it was perceived by outsiders.

He said:
“We just let people know that everything’s gonna be OK. We are a great locker room with great people and a lot of momentum for our company that’s still very young and things happen sometimes.
“There was a lot of uncertainty. We’ve got a lot of young guys and girls on our roster who have never been through stuff like this before, but it’s a part of the business, it happens.
“We were really getting painted with an unfair brush by the media in a lot of ways like ‘it’s a dumpster fire in the locker room’ and that wasn’t the case. And I don’t want people to believe what they’re reading and think that it’s real, cos it wasn’t.

“You go through things like that, fights and that sort of thing, I’ve been in them myself with locker room brawls.
“You’ve got to continue forward and Mox, Danielson and I just really wanted to grab the horse by the reins before it got out of control and just let people know that if you have concerns let’s discuss them, if you have issues let’s discuss them but let’s get through them together and come through stronger on the back end.
“I think we really came together well which was great for the locker room and for the fans because the fans too want to know that everything is going to continue moving forward. 
“And I think we did a really good job of righting the ship and most importantly letting people know that it’s going to be OK. It’s not the end of the world. These things happen and we deal with them and we become stronger as a result, which we have.”

Since CM Punk’s return to AEW this past June, news has emerged of certain people not being allowed backstage at Collision, the show that he is the star of and has a heavy influence on creative.
Those names include Hangman Page, Ryan Nemeth and Christopher Daniels.

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